Asher Ruach Bo" is a 7- month pre-military program (“Mechina”) for at-risk youth from Israel's social and economic fringe population.
The Mechina, which is located in Mitzpe Ramon, provides an educational, ethical and Zionist framework for young men whose goals are to change the course of their lives.

The Mechina accomplishes this change by paving the way for a meaningful military service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and turns these youths into upright citizens
Kan 11 | Some of the boys who get there know that this is their last chance, before their lives degenerate into crime. Danny Dagan tells the story of "Asher Ruach Bo", a pre-military preparatory school in Mitzpe Ramon that does not give up on the young, and prepares them for service in the IDF
""Asher Ruach Bo"
Fulfilling dreams, changing reality!
A documentary article on Channel 12 about the "Asher Ruach Bo" mechina, the mechina that fulfills dreams
"Asher Ruach Bo" -Mechina / Mizpe Ramon:
documentary movie chanel 1 on T.V.
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